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Speedway Shelter Standard/Sport Model (Includes Anchor Bolts and Light)


Exterior Dimensions: 110"L x 45"W x 66"H.

Interior Dimensions: 108"L X 43"W X 65.75"H


Its compact design fits most Motorcycles, Scooters, Bicycles, Riding Lawn Mowers and more!

The weight of the Shelter box is 61lbs.


What is Included:

Shelter Frame

Primary Shelter Cover

6 Concrete Anchor Bolts


It has a sturdy square tube frame construction and provides everything you need to protect your ride in your garage OR outdoors in all weather conditions.

Six anchoring areas are constructed into the frame and six cement/asphalt anchor bolts are included for safe and secure mounting.

Easy to open and close vented windows allow for air circulation when in humid climates or as desired.

The heavy duty carry bag allows you to pack the shelter in your car, truck or RV, making the motorcycle cover/shelter easily portable. This shelter allows extra room to store riding gear, it is waterproof with locking features, and ready to use quickly with just a 25-30 minutes or less set up time.

Standard/Sport Speedway Shelter

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