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Become an Authorized Dealer Today!

Speedway Motorsport Shelters offers Dealership Opportunities. It’s easy and profitable.

Ever since we’ve announced this innovative product, dealers nationwide are quickly coming on board to sell the Speed-way Motorsport Shelters. And it’s no wonder. This is an efficient and very cool product that virtually sells itself, particularly once you’ve seen one in person.

After becoming an authorized dealer, we will supply you with sales material and a store display that has a magnetic appeal

to customers.


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Speed-Way Shelters Authorized
Dealer Program

About the Program


SPEED-WAY SHELTERS, INC. is an American company that prides itself on quality products with innovative designs, stringent packaging specifications and superior dealer support. Our popular line of protective and retractable motorcycle covers, scooter covers, and ATV shelters are affordably priced at the retail level while still maintaining exceptional margins for the dealer. This translates into excellent profit potential for our authorized dealers. We have a proven point of purchase (POP) display program and complimentary literature that is sure to guarantee your success. We are constantly utilizing different forms of media to create consumer awareness, thus generating leads for authorized dealers via our dealer locator within our website, as well as ongoing trade and consumer advertising and promotions.

Become an Authorized SPEEDWAY MOTORSPORT COVER SHELTER dealer today, and your customers will thank you for carrying the most practical, protective, and affordable retractable shelter on the market. To find out more about this unique opportunity, please email us with your name, website and any comments, or call us at 831-477-9600. We look forward to working with you!

Miniature Shelter Counter Display

Your fully functioning Counter Display (25.5" x 14.5") Model practically sells the product all by itself. Place the working model in a visible area of your store where customers can handle it, and talk to them while they see for themselves why the Speed-way Cover Shelter is so convenient and valuable to protect their bike.

*The model includes a replica miniature motorcycle model.

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