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testimonials from our customers

Valerie Thompson

Valerie comments on the Speed-Way Shelter: "Check out this cool Speed-Way Motorcycle Cover we displayed at our appearance yesterday. It's weather protection for outside use (racetrack) and great for inside your garage! Comes with a retractable "roll top" feature for fast, immediate, easy access to your cycle! Another GREAT feature is a SHELTER for our pets! Reckon and Speedy and I say YES to the Speed-Way Motorsport Shelter!"

Valerie is now a 5-Time motorcycle land speed record holder and racing team owner. Valerie's first year as a land speed racing team owner/driver met with tremendous success in 2012, setting three new national speed records and gaining membership in the "Mojave Magnum 200 MPH Club" with her BMW S 1000 RR. She continued her winning streak at her first 2013 competition, The Texas Mile, setting a new 1000 cc class/track record and earning membership to the prestigious "Texas Mile 200 MPH Club" with 

Leslie Porterfield

Whether on the Bonneville Salt Flats or at home, my Speedway Shelter comes in very handy. In my pit area at Bonneville, it is an easy and transportable shelter to protect my race bike from the elements. I use the Speed-Way Shelter to secure my street bike at home to protect it from grime and sun fading. I take a Speed-Way Shelter with me camping and riding dirt bikes. I love that it can be secured and locked, and that it is so portable. What a great product!

Leslie Porterfield was AMA female rider of the year in 2008, she was the first female on a conventional motorcycle in the bonneville 200mph club, set the production 1000cc record at 200mph, the first time for a 1000cc production motorcycle, and set the top world record for a female on a conventional motorcycle at 232mph, which got her into the Guinness book of world records, which still stands.

Leslie has been at speeds of over 240mph at the bonneville salt flats and is currently on track to go faster and gather more records. Leslie recently sold High Five Cycles and is now concentrating full time on racing and related promotions!

Rickey Gadson

On January 16th, 2009 World Champion Drag Racer Rickey Gaston chose the Speed-Way Shelter as the right product to unveil his new Street Performance Bike from under the SPEED-WAY SHELTER at New York City's International Motorcycle Show."

Rickey Gaston was rewarded the Elmer Trett award in 2005 for being the winningest professional drag racer in AMA history.

Carla King

I look forward to enjoying the Shelter from, the storms! Best of Luck with Speed-Way Shelters and your own travel adventures

Worldwide Adventure Motorcyclist & Author of the “American Borders”, as well as “China Road” and “Indian Sunset”

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My need for protection met!

I live RV full time. Parks do not allow a solid type shelter on your space.

I always had a garage but now the challenge has been to protect my baby long-term. As well as make the parks happy, and use a easily mobile-type storage.

After long research I have found Speedway Shelters. Since acquiring it, I couldn't be happier. Up until getting the shelter, I just used the standard motorcycle cover. It worked, but through the duration of heavy weather, my tires suffered as well as the accumulation of dust, not to mention the winds. My Speedway has performed excellent, and with the vents, southern California sun/heat effect has been reduced.

Sure is convenient to just pull my baby in, and pull the cover back, and go inside the house. Nice!

If doing your own research, do yourself a favor and search no more. Speedway ends the search!


Chip Purkey, Hemet, CA


May 30th, 2019

Worth Every Penny!

This is my 2nd Speedway shelter. Originally when I only had 1 motorcycle I had the single shelter. As a Michigan Resident they live in the shelter during severe ice and snow weather and leaving them open to the elements is not an option.

For the upgrade I decided to also add a floating floor over my Asphalt driveway to keep water from getting in. I also added a steel plate mounted to the ground for a security chain. As  you can see both bikes fit well with ample room for other items.

I also added the UV cover option even though since it sits under my carport it may not be necessary.

Overall it is a great option vs. building a garage or leaving then in the driveway with just covers.  I also like the fact I can open the shelter and ride off in a moments notice when i have the time and the weather cooperates as I try to ride year round.

Worth every penny! You won’t be disappointed!

PS, I ordered the single cover replacement and sold it and the frame to a friend. He loves his as well! 

Kim M.

April 29th, 2019


First of all I would like to thank you for all your attention regarding my purchase. It was a great customer experience!


Second, I would like to thank you for creating such an amazing solution for people like me, with such dedication and high quality.

I want you to know that the shelter has made me (and my wife, because she can now use the underground parking space in our building) very happy.


Finally, I wish you the very best of luck with your business and I hope that you be able to export to Mexico. I will be the first one to recommend your products.


Kind regards,




Thank you and your husband for creating an excellent product that is easy to assemble and not take up much storage area. I’m looking forward to many years of protection for one of my toys. I included a pic of my trike and my Rv.
I will surely be answering questions from a lot of curious bikers in my travels
Thanks again
Billy M.
Ps. My Harley thanks you too

Exceeds all expectations.

January 14, 2019

My bike is very happy in its winter home. I’m also very happy with the superior quality of the shelter.

The directions were very easy to follow and even at 73 years old I was able to easily put the tent together in a reasonable amount of time.

It nice to see a product that exceeds all expectations.


Thanks, Barry K.

Speed-Way Shelters get Five Stars for convenience and Protection

"Thanks Speed-way Shelters for the great customer service and amazing Shelter! My little Monster Energy Racer deserves the same private protection as his big brother race bikes! "

-Dakota Darton

Thank you for making the New DELUXE Speed-Way Shelter for Trikes and Can Ams!

My TrykeShelter was just delivered by FedEx. 
I could not have asked for better service from anyone! 
Less than six days from the phone to my door! Here's a photo of my 2300CC Triumph Rocket III Tryke that will be protected from the dust kicked up by the riding academy horses "next door

-Thank you, Julie and Don!

"Great Shelters-I have had mine for six years!"

I did an upgrade to mine with curved roof top poles which all the new Speed-Way Shelters now have. Great people to work with and SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIALS!" 

Peace of Mind

These bike shelters are nice with good quality so I decided to get one for my bicycles as well. It’s peace of mind knowing that I could preserve the quality in all my bikes! Thank you for the excellent piece of equipment.

- Justen

A Great Solution

"The Speed-Way Shelter is a great solution to outdoor storage of my recumbent trike that I have been searching for a long time.
I think the shelter is a great device for outdoor storage of bikes.
My trike is all carbon fiber and it’s worth quite a bit so leaving it exposed to the elements would be quite foolish."

Innovative Product

I'd like to thank Don at Speedway Shelters for the excellent communication and response to my questions. I believe in acknowledging great customer service when I receive it, as it seems to be a dying practice these days. These are good folks with a very innovative product. I'm happy with my shelter for my new HD, and for less than the cost of storing it for one season, I can keep it protected all year long and have it ready in spring when I want it, not when the dealer tells me I can come get it.
Peace, Dave.

Easy set-up

Very easy set-up. This Speed-Way Shelter is perfect we only have a carport and this Shelter will help keep moisture & dust & the damn cats off of my HD Trike!    Thanks 

Mickey C.

"Perfect For My Small Space"

I have the Touring Bike cover and it it absolutely perfect for the space I have available. As you can see from the pictures the shelter fits perfect in my limited space. 

This shelter is very easy to assemble and disassemble if needed. It provides much, much better protection from the elements than a conventional slip over type covers, of which I have had several.
Mike Bricker / Harley Owner

Hurricane Survivor

August 13, 2018

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your outstanding product. I've had my Speedway shelter for a couple of years now and it has served me well. I recently got to see how tough it was when we evacuated for hurricane Irma. I live in Marathon in the Florida Keys and we got 110 mph winds during the storm. I had removed the cover, but the frame absolutely weathered the storm. I came back home to total carnage and devastation, but my Speedway frame was still there and seems completely fine.


I will recommend your product forever.


Best regards,

Brad J.

A Strong, Reliable Shelter

"I'm one of those unfortunate people who rented a house with no garage,so when I purchased my custom Harley Davidson softail I was going crazy wondering where I was going to park it, then I came across a product from speed-way shelters,they make a strong reliable shelter that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions,and big enough to walk around in with motorcycle inside ,this is a quality product by a quality company,after all I wouldn't put my most prized possession in just anyone's hands. # FIVESTARS"


Best way to park my bike

This is my Touring cover with my wideglide in it, I am going to install my New Deluxe Shelter when it arrives and put my full dress Harley in it.

These covers are the easiest & best way to just pull up and park your bike and they actually lock in the closed position. I’ve decided to use the Speed-Way Shelter rather than pull it around to the garage, its too difficult getting around through the gate so I put them in The Shelter for everyday riding. You can’t beat the speedway shelters, they are the best.                 Randy Osborne

The shelter works like a champ

I also ordered the double duty cover for extra protection in heavy rains and thought it would be a great addition for sun protection.

"Hassle-Free Convenience"

My wife and I live in Northern Michigan right off of major snowmobile trails. We wanted the convenience to hop on the sled at any time hassle free and hit the trails. The SPEED-WAY SHELTER offers that convenience. After a long day on the trails we just didn't want to put the sled in the garage and take the chance of having the carbides and track studs damage the concrete. Putting the sled away was always a major source of anxiety. Not anymore!

My wife and I live in Northern Michigan right off of major snowmobile trails. We wanted the convenience to hop on the sled at any time hassle free and hit the trails. The SPEED-WAY SHELTER offers that convenience. After a long day on the trails we just didn't want to put the sled in the garage and take the chance of having the carbides and track studs damage the concrete. Putting the sled away was always a major source of anxiety. Not anymore!


The SPEEDWAY-SHELTER, touring size, accommodates our Ski-Doo 2012 Grand Touring LE 1200ACE 2-UP or as used in this video a Yamaha Venture 2-UP. The SPEEDWAY-SHELTER is easy to use, setup and keeps our sled protected from the winter elements (sun, ice, snow, rain). The SPEEDWAY-SHELTER has vents to prevent condensation in the shelter after storing a hot machine after a run. This is a big deal to keep condensation low with snow melting off the machine when it is closed. Our SPEEDWAY-SHELTER has been in use for four years during the months of December to the end of March and if we are lucky into April. Great purchase!
--Mary and Doug Fry

"Extremely happy with the Speed-Way Shelter" Road Glide Ultra fits in with room to spare.

I must say I'm extremely happy with the Speedway Shelter. I live ten miles North of Boston and always worried about how I was going to garage my Road Glide Ultra. In the past I used a typical motorcycle cover. Bought two of them over the last five years and the total of those purchases were the same as The Speedway Shelter. Pain in the butt waiting for my bike to cool off and then go out after a long ride and cover it. I also worried about my bike being stolen. I stared looking for an alternative and found the Speedway Shelter. Wow was I glad I did. Ordered it last year and got it with in a week. Anybody that knows me knows I can build anything. My girl friend was at my house when the Speedway Shelter arrived and we decided to set it up. My girlfriend said stay out of it and she would put the shelter together. Total truth she set up probably ninety percent herself. All I did was pull the fabric over the metal poles. I had a great last season last year. The greatest thing about the Shelter is you just roll your bike in it and shut the cover. Another thing I love is I'm 6'2" and I can stand in the shelter and have room to clean the bike when it gets a bit cooler. I also like the light in the shelter. I took the shelter down before the winter when my bike was stored at Manchester Harley Davidson. I broke down the Speedway shelter and put in my shed. The shed is dry and a great place to store it. This year I wanted to move the Speedway shelter to my other driveway. By myself without the help of my girlfriend I carried the Speedway shelter to my other driveway. I was extremely light. I also ordered the Speedway shelter mat. I put the mat down and then set up the Speedway shelter on it. This driveway is crush stone. Now it might not be the perfect application for the mat but it works for me and keeps the moisture out of the shelter. I just got back form a ride the the moutains of New Hampshire pulled up to the Speedway shelter. Open it and drove in and shut the cover. I'm very happy with the Speedway shelter. My only regrets is that I didn't get it sooner.

- Andrew

Great Product

“Thank you Don.Yes all is well. It has had the test for it has been raining very hard the last few days and this morning I opened up to a very dry motorcycle. It beats taking a wet cover off. Great product. Thanks again."
~ Wade Turner, Redding, CT.

Nice and Cosy when Closed

I've had my unit for some weeks now. It's located on a seldom used side of our home. I did lag the shelter down to concrete as we have lots of wind in our area. I am very happy with the shelter both in how it protects my bike, and how convenient it is to put it in, and get it out. As an aside, sometimes I get on my bike, close the shelter, and program a new destination in the navigation unit on my Gold Wing. Why? Well it is too cold to program it when there is a breeze or wind! Nice and cozy when it's closed...So thanks a lot!“
~Bruce Patrick

Withstood Tropical Storms and Typhoons

Hi, I'm just updating you on the shelter. So far it has fared very well in Hong Kong's heat, humidity and weather. It has withstood several tropical storms and typhoons. Another typhoon will be coming within 200Km of HK tonight. It already withstood a large typhoon in June that was strong enough to move a two-seater swing. Today's typhoon has winds between 48 and 75 kilometers per hour respectively. I have it secured with 6 7KG sand bags and two 10KG cement slabs.

~J. Walter

Innovative & Terrific Product

"I want to express my appreciation for creating such an innovative and terrific product as the Speedway Shelter. Our small company needed a dedicated garage that was sturdy along with effective for keeping our coffee cart secure and dry. Speedway Shelters has the solution to our needs. Mot Expresso Coffee Carts must contain and maintain a healthy environment, while parking our units. The thick quality fabric keeps the wind, sun and rains out while the sturdy framework supports the cover in a way that a simple cover would not.

"We simply back the cart in and face forward to drive out for the next day's use. The accordion style housing allows me to simply close the hood and even place a lock for more security. Simple and secure! I was impressed with not only the design but the close attention to every detail spelling quality. You will not feel cheated or come away with any negative feeling as this is the best shelter you can buy. I also have several Vespa's and a touring BMW which may also be used.
"We highly recommend these products and stand firm in that you have purchased an excellent shelter for your motorcycle, ATV or any other thing you want to protect from the elements. Do yourself a favor and buy at least one!"

Setup in about 1/2 hour

"Hi Don.

Finally got around to put up my shelter. I had it up and bolted to the driveway in about a 1/2 hour, this thing is great! Everything was in the box. I just want to let you know that you will be getting some more orders, I showed the shelter to a bunch of my HOG Chapter buddies and they all want one!! Again thanks for a great product.

~Mike Funk, Woodbridge, VA.

Worked Great

The Speedway Shelters worked great. There were two evenings with wind speeds over 30mph and gusts over 45 and the Speedway Shelters insulated our bikes from the weather, and protected all the critical components from damage so they could run the next day. One bike was in impound in one of the shelters so had to make an early run for the record as soon as the track opened and we were in place. The bike was so clean we didn't even have to dust it off! Just fire it up and run. Which Barb did and set our first record of the meet in the MPS-VG (modified partially streamlined - vintage gas) 250cc class at 81.418mph. The website lists the other records we set (Four in all!), if you'd like more info.

The winds on those two nights crumpled scores of conventional Pop-Up shelters, and by weeks end the dumpsters were full of wadded up and bent and broken shelters, looking just like giant spiders in a mass grave. But our Speedway Shelters look just like new; and we'll be using them again next year! THX ~KB, from Bonneville

Awesome Company

"Hey, thanks a lot Don! I'm going to tell everyone what an awesome company you've got."-Sam "We've been receiving a lot of rain here lately….So, as soon as we have a day that clears up I'll be sure to send in a couple of pictures and comments. So far the shelter is doing what is expected and has been really nice. I was impressed with the east of set up, design and the fabric itself. Looks nice in the driveway too! It should serve perfectly for what I need."
~B. Carl

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