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Speedway Motorsport shelters FAQ

Which Model of the Speedway Shelter do I need?

Most standard size motorcycles, without high windshields or oversized accessories such as saddle bags or handlebar & mirrors, will fit nicely in to the Sport / Standard Size model. The full dress touring bikes, custom bikes with extended front ends or handlebars will normally work best in the Touring model. Please refer to the motorcycle cover sizing guide or shelter sizing calculator for guidance in choosing the perfect cover for your motorcycle or other vehicle.


How can I purchase my Speedway Shelter?
  1. To order by phone, please call 831-477-9600, 9am to 4pm Pacific, Monday-Friday.

  2. Online Orders to the US & Canada are available by clicking here for our online store.

  3. Send us an e-mail and we will call you to accept your order. We accept payments through PayPal invoices.

What are the Shipping Charges?

Individual Orders: 50% OFF what we pay, so shipping charges are calculated based on the size and weight of the product and your location.

How fast can I receive my Speedway Shelter?

In most cases we ship the next business day from the date of receipt of order. Delivery is normally 4-5 business days in the Western United States and 5-7 in the Eastern United States.

Does Speedway Shelters ship internationally?

We ship to Canada through UPS or DHL. If your shipping destination is outside the US or Canada, please call or e-mail us for a shipping quotation. 


How Easy and how Fast is the Assembly?

The design and construction of the Speedway Shelter is optimized to provide maximum strength and stability, as well as ease of assembly. The frame connects together with a built-in spring clip system and the heavy duty cover attaches securely to the frame from inside the shelter makes the assembly very fast. Assembly Time: 20 – 30 minutes.

*** NO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED for the assembly of your Speedway Shelter ***


How is the design and construction different that other free standing covers?

The design of the frame and cover are one of a kind because we require no tools to set up the shelter and the appearance of the cover is completely customized with a beautiful "swoosh like" racing stripe that include the Speedway Shelters logo. All seams on this cover are fully taped for water proofing.

What materials are the Speedway Shelters made of?

The cover material is a durable, 600 Denier (600d) urethane coated polyester fabric material used on luggage in the travel industry. The Speedway Shelter is the only retractable cover made of this material with fully taped seams for waterproofing.


The frame design was created by the staff at Speedway Shelters to allow a smaller size for reduced shipping cost and for more convenient floor display for our dealers. The frame is high grade steel with a baked powder coated white finish that minimized rust. All pre-assembled screws and other hardware are stainless steel also to prevent rust.

Can the Speedway Shelter cover be replaced in the future?

YES. The cover can replaced. Please contact us for the replacement cost.


Can the Shelter be anchored to the ground?

YES. We have designed the Speedway Shelter to be anchored to the ground or attached to a solid surface of your choice. Anchor bolts are provided.

It is popular to bolt or screw your Speedway Shelter to a portable base (wood or other material). By securing your Shelter to a portable base, you have the convenient option of moving the shelter around top wherever you want it.

By anchoring your Speedway Shelter you are securing it from high wind, falling objects and unwanted or curious people.

Is the Speedway Shelter secure in wind and snow?

After you anchor your Speedway Shelter you have the comfort of knowing it will handle very strong winds and snow loads. As well as other elements that could cause disruption of the shelters set-up. Every Speedway Shelter also comes equipped with sewn-in tie down attachment points for more heavy wind conditions.

We highly recommend that standing snow is occasionally removed from the shelter to help prolong the life of the fabric. Please also ask us about the new "Double Duty" cover. A 4-season cover for long term storage in foul weather!

Can the Speedway Shelter be locked in the closed position?
YES! There is built-in locking hardware welded to the frame assembly that will allow you to lock your Speedway Shelter in the closed position. This is also an important feature we offer you for windy conditions as well as security purposes.

Can I park my vehicle in the Speedway Shelter with hot exhaust pipes?
YES! Your Speedway Shelter is designed with adequate space to allow for NO CONTACT to your vehicle while at the same time this extra space and the large windows built in to the Speedway Shelter allow for excellent ventilation. This ventilation enables good air flow throughout the Shelter to minimize build up of heat and condensation.

Is the Speedway Shelter easy to use at night or in the dark?
Every Speedway Shelter includes a 48 lamp LED Bright Light.
It mounts to the back ridge pole of the Shelter and it has three settings for brightness. At the push of a button.

Who is Speedway Shelters?
Speedway Shelters was established clearly out of our passion for Motorcycles.

The idea for our Speedway Shelters came naturally as an extension of our past business experience and expertise. That business was over 20 years of design, development and manufacturing of extreme weather camping tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks for the outdoor industry. We basically said that if we can protect lives in the severe elements of the outdoors, we can also offer the "solution of protection" to motorcycles owners.

The need for many people to have affordable storage or full protection beyond a basic fabric throw-over cover was also the reason we dedicated the time to manufacture the best full protection motorcycle cover.

It was our interest in bikes, experience in manufacturing and knowledge of a definite need that inspired us to design, develop and manufacture our Retractable "Full Protection" Speedway Motorsport Shelters!

We always welcome your comments and support to improve our products. Please also help us to make those aware who may have a need for full protection of their motorcycles or scooters!

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