Easy To Assemble Head

Tent Installation

  1. Unfold the tent, locate the following and place tent at rear of frame.
  2. 1 x Large Velcro flap at the rear of the tent with 6 x pockets to accept the AP-tubes in ribs.
  3. Start by pulling the Large Velcro Flap under the base tube assembly and attaching together.
  4. Stand Inside the frame and pass an AP-tube through the pocket closest to the Velcro Flap. Connect each end to the first pair of C Tubes. Continue this process for each of the C tubes and front B Tubes.
  5. Close the Shelter and locate the brass-grommet on each side of the tent. Remove the nut from the 8mm x 50mm bolt, in third hole from the end, place grommet over it and secure with nut.
  6. Attach the six Velcro straps on the sides of the tent to the base frame, going underneath the frame from the outside. These are used for adjusting the side tension of the tent.
  7. Adjust the rear Velcro flap so that the tent fits correctly. Your Speedway Motorsport Shelter is now operational. You are ready to move it to its location.

Securing the Base Plate

You can secure the Base Plate to the ground using the two bolt holes. You can drill or into concrete or screw into wood to permanently attached the base plate. For installation on ground you can drive spikes into the ground or use a realtors anchor that screws into the ground like a corkscrew.

Securing the Cam Lock straps

Install the Cam Lock straps, (fasteners not included) which secures the Shelter in the closed position, and the lock bar assembly if required. Use a Maximum 3/8 Anchor bolt through the grommet hole.

Lock Bar Assembly

The lock assembly will install either on the left or right base tube. If you wish to install the lock assembly, remove the first 2 bolt assemblies. Place the LOCK TUBE over the B-tube and attach LOCK BAR to base tube-A. (2-places)

Close the tent and then slide the LOCK TUBE back over the LOCK BAR. By inserting a padlock (you supply the padlock) through the hole provided, the Shelter can be securely locked in place.

Thank you for Choosing the Speedway Motorsport Shelters. We hope you will have years of satisfaction with your purchase!